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应该是 Yael Naim 的《New Soul》 歌曲名称:New Soul 歌手: Yael Naim 专辑:Yael Naim I'm a new soul I came to this strange world hoping I...


歌曲名:New World 歌手:三代目J Soul Brothers 专辑:TRIBAL SOUL 「NEW WORLD」 作词∶P.O.S. 作曲∶BACHLOGIC/FAST LANE/JOVEEK MURPHY 歌∶三代目J Soul Brothers そう简単じゃない続くSuccess Story またつまずいてもI don't wanna let it go そ...

灰暗的世界,丑陋的灵魂。。dark world.ugly soul

[00:01.22]“I remember my first glimpse of her face.” [00:03.21]I saw you smilem, then I smiled, I was straight blown away. [00:05.86]Mesmerized by your beauty from your feet to your hands. [00:08.28]How can one be so beautiful?...

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