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take可以接to do,句型是:It take sb/time to do sth,接doing的我没学过

应该是一下两种用法: 常用的是:take sb some time to do sth: (某事)花某人时间去做,如: It takes me ten minutes to walk to school every day. 而take one's time 常用于口语中,表示:不急,您慢慢来。如: --- I'll get my bag. --- T...

But doing the worng thing I, feel something so wrong But doing the right...And watch it burn Sink in the river The lessons I learned Take that ...

It take sb some time to do sth. (1)翻译:做某事花费某人一些时间。 (2)这是个固定的句型。即:做某事花费某人一些时间。 (3)it是形式主语;其真正主语是动词不定式“to do sth”。

of 这个介词后面加 -ing形式动名词形式

spend st doing sth的主语为人,没有问题。 take sb st to do sth的主语为形式主语it,真主语为to do sth 这个不定式。 求采纳

D spend 主语是人 spend ... on sth / doing sth take 常用于 it takes sb some time to do sth

没有的,只有take sb to do sth带某人去做某事 或者 take sb to +地点 带某人去某处

这个是考“花”时间的用法。用了多少时间一般用take 和 spend 句型分别为: It takes sb sometime to do sth sb spend sometime in dong sth 或者 sb spend sometime on sth 楼主的句子显然是第一种句型啦~ 【楼主参考下~希望对你有帮助~】

1、It does not alter the fact that the man ...I don’t think what she’s doing is right. ...4、– Shall I take your luggage? –___ A、...

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