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it tAkE Doing

take可以接to do,句型是:It take sb/time to do sth,接doing的我没学过

take care not to touch it for safety

to do 比如从学校回家需要半小时时间 it takes me half an hour to go home from school.

应该是一下两种用法: 常用的是:take sb some time to do sth: (某事)花某人时间去做,如: It takes me ten minutes to walk to school every day. 而take one's time 常用于口语中,表示:不急,您慢慢来。如: --- I'll get my bag. --- T...

of 这个介词后面加 -ing形式动名词形式

But doing the worng thing I, feel something so wrong But doing the right...And watch it burn Sink in the river The lessons I learned Take that ...

前者多些 也就是 take turns (at) doing sth 可见,其实doing sth是省去了的介词at的宾语 O(∩_∩)O 认同请采纳,不懂继续问。 祝学习进步! 谢谢!

spend后可接in doing sth或者on sth、一般情况下in可以省略。take to do、take一般用于固定句型It takes(took) sb st to do sth

It takes me 5 minutes to walk here. I spend 5 minutes walking here. 我只见过take sb sometime to do sth, 和spend sometime doing sth. 楼主所说的take sb sometime doing,没见过。虽然从语法上来分析,这个结构没有错误,但是好像不这么...

D spend 主语是人 spend ... on sth / doing sth take 常用于 it takes sb some time to do sth

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