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应该是guys,意思是所有人今天好好休息一下 满意请采纳,谢谢

Today is 2009 A.D, I have always wanted to ...And at that time, all I wanted was to see could i pacify if i was get entangled in ...

Spiritualized - Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space

F1打开帮助文档,输入getMonth(),就会看到下面这段话: -------------- 按照本地时间返回该 Date 中的月份值(0 代表一月,1 代表二月,依此类推)部分。 本地时间由运行 Flash Player 的操作系统确定。 -------------- 明白了吧?!


Today is Sunday, I didn't get up early as (usually改成usual). In the...we found all the tickets had (加入been) sold out. Then we went back ...

C这是将来时态虚拟语气 的结构D的话 if引导的条件状语从句 从句用一般现在时主句用一般将来时,而这里would不对。

后面的看不到 贴出来 1 确定数据库连上 2 确定result有值 3 Today要实例化,Today today1=new Today(); 把rs的值赋给today1,就是你 略 的地方 你试试

楼主是说《GET YOUR TOUCH TODAY》吗,这书我没看过,但是我看过简介,不知对作者是否有帮助 :《GET YOUR TOUCH TODAY》 这是一篇,很具有特点的文文,作者是用呢喃自语的方式在给心上人回忆过去。 “rhoderiver”。作者用罗德河为名,透露了故事...

And for reasons I won’t get into today, I began to write stories using all the Englishes I grew up with: the English she used with me, which ...

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